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CERCA Dues Schedule

Voting Members

Annual TOTAL Corporate Revenues * Annual Dues
Under $2 million $850
$2 million to $20 million $1,725
$20 million to $200 million $3,350
$200 million to $1 billion $5,175
Over $1 billion $6,900
Companies with "industry revenues" above $100 million** $10,800
*Annual revenues in the chart above refers to TOTAL revenues of the organization for all goods and services of any kind during the year. (Companies with industry revenues over $100 million annually must pay in this higher category, however.)

**Industry revenues are defined as revenues derived from tax preparation, tax software, electronic tax services, revenue agency system & services provision, etc.

Non-Voting Members
Subsidiary companies of full CERCA members (non-voting, but name recognition) $1,440
Government Agencies (Affiliate, non-voting membership) $300

Please make checks payable to CERCA. Membership in CERCA is open to organizations. With an organizational membership there will be one designated official representative, but other employees are welcomed to participate in committee and other activities, and receive member discounts for CERCA events and products. (However, they must be fulltime employees of the member organization.)

The individual named in the form below will be considered the official representative of the organization for the purposes of voting in CERCA Board elections, and for receiving any administrative material including renewal notices. Please complete this form and e-mail, fax or mail to CERCA:






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