CERCA, launched in 1994, was founded at the direct request of the Internal Revenue Service in order to provide a forum and a liaison point between the IRS and industry as well as other key stakeholders. The goal was to assist in building electronic filing and advanced electronic tax administration, and CERCA is proud to have been a part the phenomenal growth of e-file and an array of innovative technology advances by the agency. Of course, this work continues today.

As has been the case from the beginning, CERCA members represent the wide diversity of industry participants, from tax software firms, to the largest chains offering tax preparation services, to the largest technology integrators, to financial services companies offering banks product and credit card services.

Over the years, CERCA’s widely praised conferences have featured countless top IRS and Treasury officials, leading industry executives and state officials.

CERCA committee and ad hoc activities have delved into key issues, always with the goal of providing the best venue possible for working on key e-filing and electronic tax system issues, thus facilitating important steps forward.

CERCA members receive regular updates on key IRS issues from CERCA headquarters, and are encouraged to make their voice known in recommending the best answers to challenges IRS and industry face together in constantly improving service to the taxpayer.

CERCA Board of Directors

Shannon Bond, Wolters Kluwer, Chair
Timur Taluy, FileYourTaxes.com, Vice-Chair
Daniel Eubanks, Intuit, Treasurer
Cassie Mayberry, Metabank, Secretary

Geno Salo, Thomson Reuters, Immediate Past Chair

Pete Isberg, ADP
Mark Castro, Crosslink Professional Tax Solutions
John Sapp, Drake Software
Eric Inkrott, Green Dot
Kathy Pickering, H&R Block
Michele Geraci, Jackson Hewitt
Bill San Giacomo, Republic Bank
Calvin Whitehead, TaxHawk
Seth Babb, TaxSlayer

Tim Hugo — Executive Director
Vickie Hull — Deputy Executive Director