IRS News
IRS and ACA. IRS and the tax industry have worked diligently to serve taxpayers this year as major provisions of the Affordable Care Act were implemented. Additional elements of the law will be implemented for next tax season.
Fall 2015 CERCA Meeting
Commissioner John Koskinen keynoted the CERCA Fall Meeting on October 23 in Arlington, VA. Among other featured speakers were Ken Corbin, Director, RICS, IRS.
Security Summit Initiative
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen leads a major effort to develop steps to fight identity theft and protect taxpayers. CERCA has been proud to play an important role in this initiative.

7/15/15 - National Taxpayer Advocate Report Issued. Nina Olson released her mid-year report, focusing on an overview of Filing Season issues.
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6/25/15 - ETAAC Issues Annual Report. The Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee issued its 2015 annual report.
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ACA Information for Tax Pros on
1/30/15 - The IRS ACA Information Center for tax professionals contains an array of vital material on the Affordable Care Act. Click here.

CERCA, Other Tax Groups, Acknowledged
12/19/14 - IRS Commissioner John Koskinen commended the work of CERCA and seven other "national tax groups" at a press conference in December, inviting representatives of the groups to join him for the session. Click here.

10/30/14 - Text of Commissioner Koskinen's Speech to CERCA FALL 2014.
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