IRS News
IRS and ACA. IRS and the tax industry has worked diligently to serve taxpayers in recent years as implementation of the Affordable Care Act progressed. This has been a CERCA focal point.
Spring 2016 CERCA Meeting
Commissioner John Koskinen keynoted once again at CERCA. The event was held on June 9. Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) also spoke at the conference.
Security Summit Initiative
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen leads a major effort to develop steps to fight identity theft and protect taxpayers. CERCA has been proud to play an important role in this initiative.

1/15/16 - Free File 2016 IRS and Free File Alliance announced launch of Free File for 2016 with changes and updates. Click here.

11/19/15 - Campaign to Help Public Protect Personal Tax Data IRS, states and the tax industry announce a new campaign to protect taxpayers. Click here.

myRA, a new savings account from the U.S. Department of Treasury. Official Site. Click here.

10/30/14 - Text of Commissioner Koskinen's Speech to CERCA FALL 2014.
Click here.